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The truth of the matter is that we can’t buy our way out of the dark, scary place we find ourselves in as we are forced to face the repercussions of exploiting our natural resources, paired with the crippling awareness that we as individuals can’t do much to stop it. But the companies we buy from and support with our hard-earned money can, and our ability to support them through each purchase -- that’s where our power lies.

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To support the site, the links to purchase a product make use of the Amazon Associates program when possible. Wait, isnt' Amazon the worst? Yea, but we're trying to make it easy for people to change their purchasing habits and at the very least we're taking some of their profits for a better purpose. Every product title listed links to the actual producer, so we highly encourage you to purchase directly from them instead.

We use Google for authentication, that way we know you’re mostly human and also so that you don’t have to remember yet another password in order to log in to the site.

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We only store your email address and your votes, that’s it. No funny business.


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